Case Study: The posts that got me 10 + applications in one week.
(And got me fully booked as an online coach) 
>> Do you ever feel like Sally on Instagram just opens her mouth and turns everything into gold? 

>> Yet you have this feeling that your content doesn't have the same effect on people.

Well...what if you understood how to write ethically persuasive content that makes potential clients  apply for your programs - all the time? 

What if you had the psychological principles that makes coaches influential online AND templates to apply them.

Today's your lucky day because I'm giving you mine for free. Right NOW!
This is not you're average freebie...

You'll get a 30 minute training + your plug and play templates in an editable doc!

here's what you'll learn:
The massive difference between persuasion and manipulation in your marketing.
The one thing most coaches get wrong when trying to influence their audience (and what to do instead!) 
The 6 influential content principles that make your audience to apply for your coaching programs. 
You'll go over my content pieces & get your 3 FREE Plug & Play templates 
Okay but who am I to talk about this? 
Because I know how it feels to put everything you have into your business and have nothing to show for it.  I built a seven figure business with under 3,000 followers on Instagram but it wasn't always like that.

Back in 2016 I didn’t know how to create marketing that would build an influential and powerful social media presence that generated sales consistently.

I had 30,000 subscribers on YouTube and zero sales. Literally ZERO! It was a beautiful audience of raving fans - I literally had people creating fan accounts on Twitter - but making even one sale was a struggle.

An influential social presence that connects so deeply with people but inspires them to take action was the missing piece. It's what helped me hit six figures in 2019 and seven figures in 2021 and what changed my life forever.

THIS is the secret to your coaching business blowing up and finding the success that has felt so out of reach for so long. 

And it’s exactly what I’m teaching you here today.
Here's what happens when my clients implement what you'll learn today:
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